Newsec Transaction List Sweden

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The transaction list also presents aggregated data for:
  • Which actors are most active, in what geographical area, during what period and what type of companies are doing business
  • Current transaction volume
  • International investors
  • Types of actors
  • Geographical distribution and distribution across different segments

Newsec's transaction list is published every quarter and gives the reader up-to-date information about the commercial property transactions that have taken place on the Swedish market across all property segments. The list covers all types of property and all known transactions from SEK 40 million upwards. The list contains information about the transactions' size, segment, price and the players involved. It also provides total statistics concerning volumes, etc. In a unique and effective way, the transaction list keeps you updated about what's happening in the property world. Download the latest edition below.

The report is distributed four times a year at a cost of 1500EUR