Commercial terms
The order will start and the credentials to the portal will be sent to the customers e-mail on the next business day after the order is made. Credentials are company specific and the person is entitled to share these credentials internally within the company.

All the subscriptions are continuous with 1 months’ notice term. The yearly fee varies between market reports and the presented prices are VAT excluded.The value added tax valid at the time will be added to the all prices. The order will continue as permanent order if the customer
doesn´t cancel the order 1 month before the end of the order period.

Market report updates are published in the portal in following frequency:
-Logistic Market report 1st business day of each quarter
- Office Market report 1st business day of each month.
- Residential Market report 3 times per year, 1st business day of January, April and September
Customer can also order free credentials to read demo reports. 

Newsec shall be entitled to change the fees for the Service. If such change is to the Clients’s disadvantage, Newsec shall notify the Client in writing not later than sixty (60) days in advance. The Client shall be entitled to give written notice of termination of the Service not later than thirty (30) days prior to the entry into force of the new fees. Such termination shall enter into force on the date the new fees would have been effective. In the absence of such notice of termination, the Client shall be deemed to have approved the new fees.

Payment terms for Newsec Market Reports

Market report subscription is ongoing and is invoiced once per year. First invoice incl. VAT 24% will be sent in 5 days after the order is made to the company invoice address as stated in the purchase form. Payment is due 14 days from invoice date. In the event the Client fails to make payment not later than the due date, Newsec shall be entitled to compensation for payment reminders, collection charges as well as penalty interest on arrears according to Finnish Interest Act. Where the Client, despite a reminder and closing of the Service, fails to make payment in respect of overdue invoice, all other receivables related to the Service that have not yet been invoiced shall also be deemed due and payable immediately. If the client cancels the order prior the 12 moths order period end, the payment is not refunded.
Terms and Conditions for Newsec Market Reports 

All intellectual property rights in Newsec Market Reports belong to Newsec Advice and there is no transfer of these rights in connection with use from customers.
Market reports or parts thereof may not be subject to full or partial copying or transfer for the purposes of disclosure, display or resale to third parties.

In case of violation of the above terms, Newsec reserves the right to claim a claim to cover potential losses as a result of the violation.

This market report is based on the collection and calculation of data from various market players and databases in the Finnish real estate market. All sources of data emphasize that the information is provided with reservation and in no way can be used as a basis for a pricing. Information is thus only indicative and Newsec will not accept any responsibilities from any parties regarding presented material and figures.

It is important to note that all levels are average based on data from actors and transactions across the commercial real estate industry in Finland. In addition, data is to some extent an expression of expectations for market development. In addition, in certain areas, there are very few transactions, and it is therefore important to be careful and critical of market rent levels and return rates.

Information is collected based on public available market information. Newsec strives to update and collect as many transactions as possible. However, there is no requirement for transaction data disclosure in Finland, and therefore reservations are made for defects and errors.
Newsec disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy and accuracy of information in the reproduction. Newsec may at no time be legally or financially responsible for the accuracy of the content or loss of any kind suffered from the use of data from this market report.
Information is purely indicative and is disclosed without responsibility for it. It is recommended that consultants seek professional advice in regards to property investments, real estate transactions, valuation, etc.

Contact information concerning reports

Newsec may be contacted by using markkinakatsaukset@newsec.fi

Mannerheiminaukio 1A
PO Box 53 FI-00101
+358 207 420 400